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Twisted Cheri

Large Travel Bag - Custom

Large Travel Bag - Custom

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Large and in charge with a custom design to shine. This popular bag features two sleek clasps that can be closed to make it more compact or release them for added interior room. Either way, this bag can travel with you on the plane as a carry-on.

 * Provide two images that can be twisted together and make a unique design.

Shipping & Delivery

After the design is approved, your order will ship and deliver within weeks. Please plan for that time accordingly.

An email with tracking will be sent once received.


Carry-on bag

Dimensions: 21" x 10" x 12"

Waterproof microfiber leather, and durable.

Incl: Shoulder strap

Care Instructions

Upon delivery take the bag out of packaging and stuff with paper or pillow to fill it out.

Stains: Use warm water and microfiber cloth. Add a non-abrasive cleaner and clean in circles.

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